The Important Sections To Include In A Good Essay Layout

Writing essays is one of those tasks most students loathe yet it is integral in the learning process. Teachers love essays because these assignments help develop critical thinking skills while also sharpening leaner’s’ communication skills. For students, however, writing assignments consume a lot of their time. Now that essays will always be part of your assignments, it is important to learn how to write them early enough. You will save yourself a lot of trouble whenever your teacher assigns another paper.

The best place to start is with the essay structure and in this article, you will learn how to format your essay. Read on.

Before You Start Writing

While most students rush to start writing their papers, it is advisable to pause and plan. This is a crucial step and it includes identifying your audience, identifying the objective of the essay, brainstorming for essay topics, narrowing down on one topic idea, formulating a thesis and identifying your sources of material.

Once you have completed this, you can now think about the structure of your paper. It is important always to write down any important ideas you come across during your research as they will come in handy in the writing phase.

A simple Essay Layout

While there are various forms of essays, the overall layout is similar. Before writing, you should create an outline for your paper which must contain the following sections:


This is the most crucial section of an essay because it lays a foundation for the rest of the paper. It is the section of the paper that captures the attention of a reader and invites them to continue writing. If you don’t have a powerful intro to your paper, you will most likely lose the attention of your reader. In this case, your teacher can already tell your essay is weak right from the beginning.

In the best essay writing format powerful, an introduction should include a captivating hook (quotation, statistics, shocking fact, literary quote, anecdote or any other interesting technique), a thesis which indicates the direction of your content and background information for your writing.


After the introduction, you should develop your ideas in several paragraphs. Each paragraph in the essay body should have a new idea introduced by a powerful topic sentence. The strongest idea should come in paragraph one and you should have enough material to buttress your proposition. Use a few sentences to flesh your main idea before moving to the next paragraph.


This is another crucial section of the essay layout. It wraps up your story and if used creatively, it convinces the reader about the importance of your paper. In your conclusion, you should restate your thesis and link it to your findings. In other words, you should emphasize that your argument still holds water. You can also invite the reader into your essay by throwing back a question or calling for action from them.

These are the main sections you should have in your paper. If you are stuck and need essay writing help, go online and find a reliable essay writer to help you out with topic ideas, thesis formulation, structuring of the essay, writing, editing or proofreading.