A Collection Of College Essay Topics In Literature

Essay writing is a nightmare for many literature students, yet it is an unavoidable part of learning. Through essays, your professor can evaluate your understanding of a topic while at the same time, you get a chance to hone your research and writing skills. It is an opportunity to develop a sense of independence as you have to work on the project alone. One of the main reasons students struggle is because they can’t find a good topic or the one they ideas they pick are not easy to develop. This article seeks to help you out by highlighting some interesting topics you can use to write a winning essay.

How to pick an Essay Topic

Before you pick any literature topic, it is advisable to do some quick research on the same and identify materials you can use. Look for sample papers from the best essay writing service and see how you can develop your topic ideas. If you find it hard to find written materials on a particular idea, you will most likely have a hard time during the research and writing phase. More importantly, the topic you choose should be interesting. It is the only way to say motivated throughout the research and writing stages.

It is advisable to seek writing help from an expert if you can’t come up with an idea. A quick search online will give you thousands of essay writers willing to suggest topics around the subject area. Remember the topic you pick must conform to the requirements given by your professor.

Sample Topics in Literature

To get you started, here are some topics you should consider for your literature essay:

  1. How are the roles of men and women portrayed in the novel under review? Gender roles are always interesting to write about and readers have a great interest in such ideas.
  2. Comparisons two main characters in a work of literature
  3. What is the contemporary relevance of a novel/play you are currently reading in class?
  4. Identify a classic work of literature whose themes are still relevant today
  5. Discuss a character’s transformation in a novel/play you have read and explain whether the change is symbolic or reality. ( You can ask for assistance from quality writing services online)
  6. Provide a critical analysis of issues around Black Lives Matter using “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee
  7. Discuss major themes appearing in popular novels and stories published over the last half-century
  8. The world today is an extremely violent place. Discuss this statement and show how one or two contemporary writers have dealt with the issue in their works
  9. Using one or more autobiographies, discuss how influential people in history can contribute to a better world by telling their stories.
  10. If you have read Ernest Hemingway's the Old and the Sea discuss the message and how it is relevant for every individual in modern society
  11. If you were to propose a literary work for world leaders today, which one would it be? Explain your choice.

Using these topics, you can start developing ideas for your essay. If you are stuck, get professional assistance from writing services which deliver custom essays for their clients.