Simple But Effective Tips To Write An Essay About Friendship

If you have decided to write an essay about true friendship, this is an interesting but also a challenging task which will take you through a journey of self-examination. The impact friends have on your life is critical and it is for this reason that an essay on friendship presents an interesting challenge.

This article will guide you on steps you should take to write a winning a short essay about friendship. Read on.

Understand the Scope of Your Essay

Before you rush to write about your friends in school, take time to go through the project requirements to understand the scope of your paper. Your teacher might specify the type of friendship they want you to tackle and in most cases, you will also get a word count. It is important to read through the paper requirements before getting started to deliver a winning essay.

Identify and Understand Your Readers

When writing an essay about friendship, the target readers vary a lot and it is important to narrow down. Your teacher might provide the target audience but in most cases, you have to decide who you wish to target. If you are in high school, for instance, you can decide to write to your fellow students.

Your essay can also target lower school learners who have just started forming friendships in school. Your target audience can also be the general society if you decide to handle the meaning of friendship. Simply put, identifying your target reader makes it easy to select your tone and materials to use.

Do Some Background Research on Friendship

When writing about friendship, you might feel that everything you have everything you need to get started. After all, you have always had friends in your life. However, you will find many ideas about friendship from different sources. A quick search on friendship will give you more insight, quotes, anecdotes and many other materials you can use for your essay. You will find what prominent people have said about friendship and such tidbits will help flesh out your essay and improve its quality.

Create A Thesis/Approach of Your Essay

Now, this is the most important part of your essay because the approach you choose will guide you when writing. You can decide to write an essay about importance of friendship, the risks of bad friends, how to choose friends or even focus on the greatest examples of friendship in real life. When doing your research, you will develop a thesis or the argument you want to use in your essay. It is always good to pick a point of view you can easily explain to the reader.

Write All Your Ideas Down

Whether you decide to brainstorm with friends for ideas, research for your essay or just ruminate over what to write, it is advisable to note down all your thoughts. These thoughts will soon transform into an outline which is the roadmap you will use for the essay.